Link til optaget Webinar: COVID-19 og Kræft

Lørdag d. 25/4-20 blev der afholdt et webinar arrangeret af IPT-HOPE med det formål at fokusere på strategier for håndtering af patienter med COVID-19 og kræft. Sessionen er blevet optaget - se nedenfor.


Link til optaget webinar:

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Dokument med reference:

Physiotherapy Management for
COVID-19 in the Acute Hospital
Recommendations to guide clinical practice



WCPT IPT-HOPE – Online Educational Session

April 2020

Strategies for Management of People 

with COVID-19, HIV and Cancer: Part 1


Moderator: Jacqueline Drouin, USA, President IPT-HOPE             

Panel: Darren Brown, UK, HIV/AIDS SIG Coordinator

Nnenna Chigbo, Nigeria, Education Director

Ann Newstead, USA, Liaison

Virginia Pier, USA

Liaisons from other Countries: TBA


Purpose:  To discuss and highlight Strategies for Management of People with COVID-19 plus HIV and Cancer. Resource:


Overview: During a 90-minu­­te interactive presentation plus 30-minutes for Q&A, a panel of experts representing different regions of the world will provide perspectives from their country and experiences related to COVID-19 and HIV and Oncology. Attendees are welcome to add to the discussion and a perspective paper will follow.


Objectives: To enhance our ability to provide quality, skilled care for people with COVID-19 and to understand and to learn from the experiences of physiotherapists internationally about the important aspects of working with people with COVID-19 and HIV and Oncology.


Questions: You will be able to post questions and comments in the chat during the presentation. If you have questions ahead of time, please email these to  


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Meeting ID: 813 5864 4341

Password: 640059