Webinar fra IPT-HOPE d. 29/11 2018 "PT management in oncology: Cancer Rehabilitation in the Community"

af Maria Rothgart - 22.11.2018

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Webinar fra IPT-HOPE d. 29/11 2018

"PT management in oncology: Cancer Rehabilitation in the Community"

Date: Thursday, 29th, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM EST
Presenter: Clare Lait, Physiotherapist

Session Information:

Purpose: To provide PTs with information about the management of individuals living with and beyond breast, prostate and colorectal cancer using a community model of rehabilitation


  • Cancer Landscape

  • Consequences of cancer and treatments

  • Background to our service

  • The Model of Care

  • Results

  • Future developments

 Speaker Biography:

Clare Lait is a Macmillan Specialist Cancer Physiotherapist who works in Gloucestershire as part of an innovative service - Macmillan Next Steps Cancer Rehabilitation. She leads on physical activity across Gloucestershire. The service is unique, led by an Allied Health Professional (AHP) and made up of Specialist Allied Health Professionals including two physiotherapists and a dietitian and Healthy Lifestyle Specialists. The primary goal is to provide support to manage the consequences of cancer and its treatments underpinned by the Four Pillars of health. Clare has been heavily involved in planning, designing, delivering, developing and more recently evaluating the service. Clare has also worked as an AHP Project Manager in London, integrating cancer rehabilitation onto the medical pathways, as a Research Fellow at Warwick University, on a multi-centre national trial for breast cancer (PROSPER) and as a Head and Neck Cancer Specialist in Oxford. She has had her own private practice in Oncology; an advisory clinic at Maggie’s, developed exercise circuits locally and has led on numerous educational sessions for a variety of health care professionals, at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Clare reviews and develops national patient information documents and has published papers and spoken nationally about healthy lifestyles in cancer. She has recently gained an Msc in Clinical Leadership in Cancer, Palliative Care and End of Life at Southampton University. Clare is passionate about improving the lives of those affected by cancer through healthy lifestyles ensuring that they are educated to mitigate the risks of long-term effects of cancer treatments.

Link: https://oakland.webex.com/mw3300/mywebex/default.do?service=7&main_url=%2Ftc3300%2Ftrainingcenter%2Fdefault.do%3Fsiteurl%3Doakland%26main_url%3D%252Ftc3300%252Fe.do%253FAT%253DMI%2526%2526Host%253DQUhTSwAAAATcsl8Jt73WKz6ODNweqyxKzdG_e6ePI05ecjHvv28ZNGbEGZvqZnYoypro3ay6AJe2jYaCSPzQHa2vaVv2tHJy0%2526UID%253D1%2526HMAC%253Dnull%2526siteurl%253Doakland%2526confID%253D111703048050490040%2526ticket%253D4832534b0000000489527425e637a7b3aaf760700844c0d957c9f5c49fb48a302e8a28586c3f525a&siteurl=oakland


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